Project Bank’s Online Projects Room

The Organisation

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ProjectBank provides investor introductions for exploration and development stage mining and energy projects, and early-stage mining technology companies. ProjectBank provides a single point of access for all the technical information for a project.

The Challenge

ProjectBank needed a solution for online Project Rooms- a secure location for storage of all information for a mining and energy project, where companies could share material disclosures with investors and financiers.

The information in the Project Room is complex and detailed – including exploration reports, corporate and financial information, and research reports. Source document formats included PDF, Word and Excel spreadsheet. Typically these documents would be stored in multiple repositories and shared as email attachments

The challenge for ProjectBank was in finding a web based solution that could house all these documents, easily accessible to authorised parties – providing them with a single location for all project information. 

The Solution

Revealr Digital Twin technology provided the solution to ProjectBank’s requirements. The Revealr solution enabled ProjectBank to:

  • Create secure online Project Rooms for mining and energy clients – accessed by investors and financiers by invitation only
  • Publish content in multiple formats and make all content digitally consumable
  • Easily update content online and make it immediately available to Project Room users. 
  • Link client’s key external content to related documents
  • Publish all Project Information in a single location – accessible on any device
  • Enable calls and meetings to be booked from the Project Room.
  • Translation in Chinese and Arabic and other languages for foreign investors

The Results

ProjectBank now provides one secure location for projects – enabling investor and financiers to access and consume all the relevant project information easily – with no downloads, and no scrolling through complex PDFs – online and on any device.

“ProjectBank uses revealr to share clients’ material disclosures with funds and institutional investors knowing that is the exact version lodged by our clients with their respective stock exchanges. Saved as a “digital twin”, we are able to make content more accessible, and create secure links to additional online data supporting a client’s investment proposition.” 

Marc Kemmery, Founder & CTO, ProjectBank.

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