Partner with us delivers real time access to the world’s knowledge – online – and at scale.

Our Digital Twin technology digitalises Word and PDF documents, transforming into intelligent web pages – at scale.

Access any page, of any document, on any device, in any language. In real time.
Revealr provides solutions for banking, insurance, financial services, legal, mining and energy, health, government and other document heavy industries.

Digitalisation of content is the essential pre-requisite to harnessing the power of AI in a secure, trusted environment.

Our technology integrates seamlessly with SharePoint and Microsoft365, allowing your customers to instantly access a digital twin of any document in their knowledge base – in real time.

Business Partners

Partner with

Our partner program is highly customisable. 

revealr’s unique technology will add value to your solution set and support your

customers with AI adoption in a secure environment

  • Ideal for companies seeking additional differentiation
  • Integrate revealr technology into your offering
  • Ideal for  systems integrators serving document heavy industries.
  • Enable customers to leverage existing technology investments in SharePoint and intranet platforms
  • Deliver a solution that is fully compliant with internationally recognised web accessibility standards.
  • Revealr partners with best of breed software vendors to help organisations improve
    business results
  • Combining revealr solutions with our partners’ complementary technology
    increases productivity through improved access to corporate knowledge.

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