Empowering your remote workforce with secure, real time access to your corporate information

The Problem

Dispersed working creates multiple challenges in information management, access and security

  • Ensuring all staff have instant access to up to date critical information
  • Ensuring security of corporate knowledge
  • Ensuring operational risk is mitigated
Remote Access to Documents

The Solution

Policies Re-Imagined by revealr.ai

With Policies Re-Imagined from revealr.ai, mitigate your risk and improve productivity

revealr.ai Policies Re-Imagined Features


Remote workers access on any device – online and offline

Instant Updates

No version control issues or out of date content. Updates in minutes.

Detailed Analytics

Test, measure and report on user consumption at any time

Automatic Contextualisation

Every policy automatically linked to related procedures and regulations

Completely Secure

Mirrors your organisation’s security and authentication processes

SharePoint Integration

User friendly interface to SharePoint manages retrieval, workflow and version control

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