Transform Government PDF documents into  digitally consumable content – at scale

The Organisation

Future Transport sets the direction for connecting people, communities and businesses in NSW thought delivering the right transport infrastructure

Future of Transport

The Challenge

Future Transport NSW is responsible for NSW Transport Strategy for the next 40 years, encompassing 15 complex plan documents, covering ports, rail and road.

Future Transport needed to make these plans accessible for community feedback.

Plans were added to the website as inaccessible PDFS, requiring long downloads and not mobile or web friendly.

The community was neither engaged nor informed.

Future of Transport

The Solution

Revealr Transform automatically converted over 1500 pages to digitally consumable web content, enabling the community to:

  • Navigate directly to any page, with no downloads.
  • Easily read on a mobile or tablet.
  • Instantly translate into any language.
  • Access related content with one click.
  • Give real time feedback 

The Results

118,000 page views in a single month

Comparted to just 200 downloads over the prior 3 months

75% Cost Savings

Compared to manual conversion of content

60,000 sentiment readings

Providing community feedback on plans

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