Unlocking the Knowledge trapped in Word and PDF documents

The Problem

Word and PDF remain the dominant platforms for creating and storing content – pre-dating digitalisation. 

An estimated 90% of corporate knowledge is trapped in Word and PDF documents.

Content is often duplicated, increasing the risk of decisions made on outdated documents

Up to 25% of every knowledge worker’s day is spent looking for the right document

The content in these documents is not digitally consumable – it cannot be analysed, queried, or explained.

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The Solution

Transform by revealr.ai

Our unique Digital Twin technology enables real time delivery of digitally consumable content – at scale.

revealr.ai Transform Features

Improve Productivity

A 100 page document becomes a 100 web or intranet pages in just minutes.

Leverage Existing Investments

Fully integrated with all popular CMS – SharePoint, Drupal, WordPress, OpenText

Reduce Risk

Eliminating duplication removes risk of decisions made on out of date documents

Optimise Access

WCAG.2.1 accessible Mobile and tablet optimised. Online and offline access

Support a Diverse Workforce

Instant access on any device for remote workers.

Reduce Training Costs

No technical skill required. A single training session.

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Learn how Revealr Digital Twin can unlock your content trapped in Word and PDF – reducing cost and risk, and applying AI in a secure trusted environment