Financial Services

Revealr enables financial services organisations to deliver an end to end digital experience. Our Digital Twin technology automatically digitalises your Word and PDF documents – from policies, procedures and regulations, to PDS and product information – at scale. We deliver online access in real time.

And Revealr empowers your organisation to securely harness the power of Ai tools to reveal, analyse and explain the content in your documents.

revealr Financial Services Suite

Digitise documents at scale

Automatically digitalises Word and PDF documents into enriched, accessible web pages

Preserves all source documents in your document repository

Creates a web based digital twin of the original document.

Eliminates version control issues. The digital twin always points to the latest version

Applies Ai tools in a secure environment to reveal, analyse and explain the content.

Policies Re-imagined
Policies and Procedures Online

Transforms policies and procedures into dynamic, enriched web pages at scale

Eliminates version control issues. The Digital Twin always points to the latest version.

Accessible anywhere, on any device, in over 100 languages.

Automatically builds relationships between policies, procedures and regulations.

Applies Ai tools securely to reveal, explain and analyse content

Dynamic Obligation Mapping

Digitalises documents at scale – policies, procedures and regulations

Creates a Digital Twin – a web based view of the latest version of every document.

Eliminates costly, time consuming manual comparison of regulations to policies

Securely applies generative AI to identify the impact of regulatory change on policies and procedures

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