Leveraging Your SharePoint investment to make content easily accessible


Extracting value from a major investment in SharePoint.
Enabling a dispersed workforce to find documents quickly.
Eliminating risk from version control issues

  • Time wasted searching for documents stored across multiple folders and drives – McKinsey reports that knowledge workers spend 16% of every day searching for documents
  • Versioning and duplication problems
  • Long downloads and endless scrolling through documents
  • Increased cost, risk and lower productivity.


Revealr Digital Twin Technology - Automatically create a digital twin of documents stored in SharePoint drives

  • Presents the content as easy to navigate web pages
  • Works at scale – A 100 page document becomes 100 web pages in minutes
  • Cloud based and easy to implement
  • Turbo charges your SharePoint investment – making all the content stored in SharePoint instantly accessible to users via their favourite browser

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Learn how Revealr Digital Twin can unlock your content trapped in Word and PDF – reducing cost and risk, and applying AI in a secure trusted environment