Revealr helps insurers reduce cost, lower operational risk and compete in a digital world – delivering an end to end digital customer experience.

The traditional insurance model is being transformed by digital, increasing customer expectations, and presenting opportunities to remove significant costs across the value chain

revealr Insurance Suite

Policies Re-imagined

Digitalised Policies and Procedures and Related Regulations

Transforms policies and procedures into dynamic, enriched web pages at scale

Eliminates version control issues. The Digital Twin always points to the latest version.

Accessible anywhere, on any device, in over 100 languages.

Automatically builds relationships between policies, procedures and regulations.

Applies Ai tools securely to reveal, explain and analyse content

Collateral Simplification

Automated collateral creation and updates

Streamline collateral creation and updates combining standard and variable data

Eliminate manual markup processes – all updates in a single platform with workflow

Output to multiple branded templates and web, print, mobile and intranet versions

PDS Builder

Automated PDS creation and distribution

Auto-builds PDS from standard and variable content

Update and distribute online

Create a fully digital CX

Manages digital and print editions

Mobile optimised output


Insurance Regulation Online

1-click access to all insurance regulations – always up to date

Cross-references regulations and policies

Alert users to regulatory changes

Contract Power

Automated Insurance Contract Production

Dynamic contract production combining static and variable data via API

Produces thousands of contracts per day

Eliminates legacy PDF distribution

Delivers a brilliant CX

Revealr AI

Secure AI Tools to Unlock Meaning

Digitalise corporate content using Revealr Digital Twin

Summarise, query, explain and analyse content in a secure ecosystem

Digital Twin references all source documents

Contract Power transforms insurance contract production to a fully digital process.

All Contracts in a Single Website

Customers simply login to a secure portal to access all their contracts in one location.

Instant Online Access

Creates a fully digitalised CX. No more waiting for a PDF attached to an email.

Suited to all forms of Contract

Easily manages any type of contract – business and consumer.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Creates opportunities to frequently and cost effectively engage with customers.

Mobile optimised, multi-lingual and accessible

Mobile-friendly, enables instant translation and WCAG compliant for customers with visual impairment

Completely Secure

Uploads all contracts to a secure environment accessible only by authorised parties.

Policies and procedures automatically digitalised into dynamic, enriched web pages.


Available anywhere, anytime, on any device. Remote workers have instant access on their mobile device.

WCAG 2.1 compliant out of the box.

AI enabled

Apply state of the art AI tools to summarise, analyse, and explain content.

Extract actionable insights

Always Up to Date

No version control issues or out of date content.

Updates in minutes, not days.

Automatically Linked

Every policy automatically linked to related procedures and regulations.

Analyse and Attest

Integrated with your LMS and GRC systems to measure and report on compliance.

Fully Integrated with SharePoint and M365

User friendly interface to SharePoint and M365 manages retrieval, workflow and version control.

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