Aligning Policies, Procedures and Regulatory Obligations

The Problem

Increasing regulatory and compliance requirements across every industry is driving growth in compliance costs.

But current approaches to compliance management are flawed.

  • The “outside-in” approach of applying regulation to policies is inefficient, manual and error prone.
  • Manually identifying how regulation affects every policy and procedure is not scalable or sustainable, and must be repeated for every regulatory change.

The Solution

Comply by

Automatically assesses the impact of regulation from the “Inside-Out” Comply Features

Automatic Obligation Mapping

Identify regulatory obligations and alignment with policies

Attestation & Reporting

Inbuilt attestation to test, measure and report on compliance

GRC Integration

Integrate with all popular GRC systems via API

Instant Updates

No version control issues or out of date content. Updates in minutes

Completely Secure

Mirrors your organisation’s security and authentication processes

SharePoint Integration

User friendly interface to SharePoint manages retrieval, workflow and version control

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