Lower Cost and Improve Customer Experience with Digitalised Documents

The Organisation

Major non-bank business lender with over 30 years experience in corporate lending. 

Provider of flexible funding solutions for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises.

The Challenge

Internal policies and procedures were stored in PDF format and not digitally consumable

Content stored across multiple repositories was challenging to access quickly. 

Cost and operational risk increased due to the potential for duplicate versions of policies and procedures.

The Solution

Revealr transformed how Scotpac manages internal policies and procedures. 

Using our Digital Twin technology, all documents are now accessible as web pages, on any device. 

Staff now enjoy:

  • 100% confidence they have the latest version of any policy or procedure
  • All Related Policies and Procedures dynamically Linked

The Results

One Location

A unified system in one location
No more searching multiple systems

One Click

To any page of any policy or procedure
No more downloads

One Version

Access only the latest digital twin of any document. No more duplicates or version control issues

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