Revealr Transform

Real time delivery of Web Content – at scale

Our Digital Twin technology automatically digitalises Word and PDF
documents into enriched web and intranet pages – at scale.

We create a web based digital twin of your content – preserving the
source document.

100 pages of content becomes 100 pages of digital web format in

No more downloads and long scrolling. Any page of any document is just
a click away.

No more version control issues.

Revealr Transform

Revealr Transform - Measurable Impact

How can your organisation save time and money with revealr Transform?

1 Minute

to digitalise a 100-page document and create 100 intelligent web pages. Update and distribute critical information in real time.


Estimated time saved per day searching for documents. All documents standardised on a single digital platform.

5 Editions

Intranet, internet, mobile online, mobile offline and print – all available in real time from a single source document.

Content Control

Real time content delivery.
Eliminate duplication.
No more downloads.


Content always up to date.
Automatically compare policies with regulations.


Build relationships automatically.
- 1 Click to related policies
- Related regulation
- Relevant URLs

All Content in 1 location

- Search Time
- Version Errors
- Number of User Licenses

Secure and AI Ready

Store in a secure ecosystem.
Apply state of the art AI tools in a trusted environment Transform Features

A URL for every page

Every page of content has its own URL, and is instantly accessible.

Automatic Classification

Every page has a tag cloud showing the key terms on that page – enabling filtered, highly accurate search.

Automatic Linking

Content is automatically contextualised with related pages, sections or videos a click or two away.

Instant Translation into 100 Languages

With one click web pages are translated into the customer’s language of choice.


All content is optimised for readability on a mobile device.

PDF Option

Regulations frequently require a PDF output for content – a standard revealr feature.


Transform works at scale – 100-page document becomes 100 web pages in less than 2 minutes.

Friendly User Interface

revealr publishing Console is designed for the non-technical user. Limited training required.

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