Revealr Contract Power

Customer Contracts for a Digital World

Revealr Contract Power eliminates manual processes in contract production.

Contract Power builds a web based contract in minutes, automatically combining static and variable data from multiple sources via API – into a secure digital contract.

Customers receive a web based contract in minutes.

Revealr Transform
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Revealr Contract Power – Digital Contract Production – Instantly

Save time, reduce risk and engage customers with fully digital contracts

5 Minutes

Time to generate a web based digital contract. Instantly combine static and variable data.


Reduce cost by removing manual processes from contract production.

Increase customer engagement with a fully digital experience for any type of contract.

Increase Productivity

Revealr Contract Power automates the contract generation process, reducing the time and resources required to create contracts manually.

Reduce Operational Risk

Revealr Contract Power ensures there is a single digital version of every contract. Eliminates risk of multiple versions.

Increase Conversion Rates

Prospective customers receive an easy to navigate web based contract online in hours, not days via PDF and email.

Revealr Contract Power Features

All Contracts in a Single Website

Customers simply login to a secure portal to access all their contracts in one location.

Instant Online Access

Creates a fully digitalised CX. No more waiting for a PDF attached to an email.

Suited to all forms of Contract

Easily manages any type of contract – business and consumer

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Creates opportunities to frequently and cost effectively engage with customers.

Mobile optimised, multi-lingual and accessible

Mobile-friendly, enables instant translation and WCAG compliant for customers with visual impairment

Completely Secure

Uploads all contracts to a secure environment accessible only by authorised parties.

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