Digitalised and Integrated Policies, Procedures and Regulations

About MIntegrity

MIntegrity is a specialist consulting firm providing regulatory risk and compliance services to financial services participants.

The Challenge

  • MIntegrity clients are governed by a complex compliance framework of policies, procedures and regulations.
  • These documents were only available as PDF or Word downloads, with no contextualisation between related content.

The Solution

Revealr partnered with MIntegrity to deliver RegsWeb – a single digital platform for regulations, policies and procedures. 

With RegsWeb, MIntegrity’s clients reduce risk, improve compliance and reduce cost through:

  • All regulations, policies and procedures presented as dynamic, searchable web pages – no more downloads.
  • All documents and related content are dynamically linked – one click to any page
  • All documents in a single location – saving time searching for content
  • Detailed analytics on how documents are consumed – offering valuable insights by user, document, page and section.

The Results

One Location

A unified system in one location
No more searching multiple systems

Dynamic Relationships

All related documents linked
No searching for related policies procedures or regulations

One Version

Access only the up to date version of any document
No more duplicates or version control issues

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