It’s Time for Documents to be Disrupted

Digital Documents

The internet has disrupted every content rich industry – delivering real time access, online.

Netflix enabled real time access to movies and tv shows – a significant change from physical DVDs.

Spotify popularised music streaming – shifting the music industry away from CDs, enabling users to access just the music they wanted to consume on demand.

And yet documents remain trapped in pre-internet formats – Word and PDF – that must be downloaded and consumed in their entirety. 2023 marks 30 years since the introduction of PDF – and 33 years since Microsoft Word became part of the Office suite.

Why have these formats persisted while every other aspect of digital has been transformed and continues to evolve apace?

At revealr we examined the reasons why Word and PDF endure – and designed  our Digital Twin technology to enable the content in documents to be delivered  in real time, online, on any device.

“Everyone knows how to use Word”

We don’t change the way documents are created. Word is the world’s most popular editor. We designed our solution to capitalise on this, tightly integrated with M365. We create a digital twin to change the way documents are consumed – online, in real time – while preserving the source document. The user accesses via their favourite browser. Everyone knows how to access a website.

“PDFs are secure”

A myth at best – PDF is in fact easy to penetrate. Security of document content is assured with Digital Twin –only authorised users can consume content.

“Document Formats are too complex ”

Digital Twin ingests the document content, and automatically presents as intelligent web pages – at scale. Images, tables, footnotes, references, contextual linking – are all managed by the transformation process.

“Downloading is established practice”

So was going to the DVD store before Netflix launched streaming in 2007. Downloads are bandwidth heavy, must be consumed in their entirety, and cannot be easily searched. A new download is required with every update – creating version control issues. With Digital Twin, any page of any document is just a click away – and always  the latest version.

The user experience is transformed – accessing content online, on any device, in any language and on any device.

It’s time for streaming of the content in documents. We can no longer be constrained by 30 year old formats. Digital Twin for documents now delivers secure, fast access to content online, at scale.

Where Digital Twin for Documents Meets AI

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