Digital Twin for Documents Has Arrived

Digital Twin for documents

The term “digital twin” has been around for some 20 years – referring to digital representations of physical products –in industries including manufacturing, energy, healthcare. The digital twin is a virtual model of a physical asset or process.

But Digital Twin has not been applied to the world’s knowledge – trapped in Word and PDF documents – until now.

Revealr now offers digital twin technology for documents – creating a web based copy of your knowledge base, at scale.

Why is this important?

Because while Microsoft Word is the world’s dominant platform for creation of content, and PDF for storing and printing a record, both these formats pre-date the internet. The  content in these documents is not digitally consumable online. 

Until now there has been no solution for digitalising Word and PDF documents at scale. The fallback has been to attach documents to web pages – which must be downloaded. 

Digital Twin for Documents is true digitalisation –  creating a web based copy,  revealing the content and making it immediately available on any device and in any language. Digital Twin for Documents delivers a secure, browser based view of your corporate knowledge at scale – 100 pages every minute,

With Digital Twin for documents, the consumer – whether a staff member or customer – accesses the digital twin through a browser – no long downloads, opening any page with a single click and easily navigating through the content with no long scrolling. Most importantly, the Digital Twin always presents the latest version of any document, eliminating the risk of accessing out of date content. 

Just as digital twin was first coined to describe a virtual representation of physical assets – which continue to exist in their physical form, so Digital Twin for Documents is a virtual representation – of the content in your documents – which continue to exist in your document repository. 

Digital Twin for Documents addresses a pressing issue facing organisations today – how corporate knowledge in Word and PDF can be securely analysed in a trusted environment using new AI tools. With Digital Twin for Documents, corporate knowledge is housed in your secure ecosystem – and protected from exposure to the public domain.

Digital Twin for Documents is future of how organisations will make their knowledge digitally consumable online – unlock content, enabling analyse and explanation, and application of AI tools. 

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Where Digital Twin for Documents Meets AI

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