The Power of One Syllable – Digitisation vs Digitalisation

Digitisation vs Digitalisation

Digitisation and digitalisation are frequently used interchangeably. But the single additional syllable in the latter term has enormous significance. 

These terms  do not have the same meaning. Understanding the difference is critical to digital transformation success.

Digitisation converts information from a physical format to a digital version – Word and PDF formats are simply digitised versions of paper documents. Digitisation makes information more easily accessible, storable, maintained, and shared.

But they are not digitalised – meaning they cannot be consumed online – other than as downloads from a web page.   The content is locked in these digital formats. 

Digitisation is only half the journey. It is simply the first step.

Digitalisation is where real transformation happens – where digital technology is applied to transform how organisations conduct business.

Digitalisation of documents makes the content easily consumable online, unlocking the content, and enabling organisations to use Ai and ML to analyse, reveal and extract meaning from the contents of documents – all within a secure content ecosystem.

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