Frictionless Documents

Frictionless documents

Every day organisations continue to lock their knowledge away in Word and PDF documents – formats that can’t be distributed or consumed digitally. Invariably, these PDFs need to be downloaded.

This is not a digitalised experience – it is fraught with friction
·      Users hunt through drives and folders
·      Material is frequently duplicated, creating version control issues
·      Documents are distributed in monolingual, mobile-hostile PDF format

The good news is that technology from completely removes this friction – creating an end-to-end digitalised experience.


Content owners continue to create content in Word, but can now use our Digital Twin to create a web-based replica in less than a minute.
As this works at scale, businesses can affordably move their content online. This means frictionless production and distribution of up-to-date content.


As everything is digital, the Customer experience is brilliant:
With every document now a series of URLs, consumers can click to any page in the knowledge base via a browser.
Content is now consumable in any language, optimised for any device and contextualised with related content.

Compatibility Digital Twin is cloud-based, fast to implement and fully integrated with Word, SharePoint and ChatGPT.

Frictionless content – now online and on demand.

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