Solving the Problem of Document Proliferation

Document Proliferation

“I can’t find the document I need”

“We have too many repositories”

“We don’t know which is the right version”

Does this sound familiar?

Consider the following statistics

  • 27% of every knowledge workers’ day is wasted looking for content (McKinsey)
  • 17 trillion – estimated number of documents in the world today (Microsoft)
  • 25-40 – number of versions of every document in a typical corporate intranet (Gartner)

These issues are only magnified in the new world of remote working.

The deluge is wreaking havoc on organisations – hindering productivity, increasing costs – and most importantly, risk arising from non-compliance with regulations.

How did this situation arise?

Corporate knowledge is stored in Word and PDF – formats that cannot be digitally consumed online. While most organisational functions are in a digital environment, corporate knowledge is trapped in formats that pre-date the internet.

Imagine a world where

  • Any page of any document was consumed online and was just a click away
  • Any document accessed was always the latest version
  • Every related document was instantly accessible

This is the world of Digital Twin for documents – and it is available now.

Digital Twin for Documents solves the problem of finding the right document – by automatically creating a web based copy of the latest version.

Digital Twin doesn’t change how content is created– in Word and PDF.

It transforms how content is consumed.

The consumer – a staff member or customer – has a single place to go for the latest version in the digital twin – mapped from the original source. And when the source is updated, it is available immediately in the digital twin.

Fully integrated with M365 and SharePoint, and cloud based, Digital Twin is fast to implement and easy to use.

Information proliferation is a fact of organisational life. But with Digital Twin, you can eliminate document chaos and replace it with control.

Where Digital Twin for Documents Meets AI

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