The Genesis of Digital Twin – Sometimes the simplest Ideas are the best

Digital Twin

While we’re living in the age of instant information- a click away from what we need – this does not hold true for documents, where we still store most of our knowledge.

We continue to download content from websites, intranets, Google Drive and SharePoint – not as clickable web pages, but as PDF downloads. And to make matters worse, we can’t just consume a paragraph or a chapter, because we must download the entire document.

At, we determined that there had to be a better way to make the content of documents consumable? What if people had instant access to only the pages they needed – without downloading?

We found inspiration in other industries where inventors were successfully working with replicas of the original – Digital Twins.

We determined that if we could digitalise documents and generate a web-based Digital Twin of the contents of each original document,, then we would totally transform the way content was consumed.

Well, it worked and does so at scale. And when we combine Digital Twin with GenAI the results are extraordinary.

Now our banking, insurance, regulator and government customers streamline the way their staff and customers consume digital information. With Digital Twin technology, instant access to any page of any document is now a reality.

Where Digital Twin for Documents Meets AI

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